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I love all the @smokemeowtshirtsandstuff designs!!
This one is a perfect reminder that election season is around the corner in the US and your vote can make the difference in your city or state! Vote yes for cannabis, medical access or full legalization!
My other account is @NewsNug, I try to post 5 cannabis news stories a week, please give it a follow and stay informed.


Turtle Frog (Myobatrachus gouldii)

The only species in its unique genus, Australia’s Myobatrachus gouldii is even more divergent than the purple frog, having adapted to a mole-like existence of tunneling underground and breaking into termite nests, poking their comically small heads into the bug’s burrows and slurping them up. Rather than reproducing in water like a majority of other Anura, turtle frogs breed in their burrows and young skip past the tadpole phase, remaining in their eggs until they’ve formed into pin-headed burrowers themselves.


Picture by Evan Pickett  via

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